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How to buy pallet wrap net, bale wrap net, stretch pallet netting?


 * Stretch net is strong and flexible, stays tight and holds goods firmly in place during transit.
* Able to wrap irregularly shaped or incomplete loads. The elasticity will hold the load firmly,  gripping every curve and covering every gap.
* Available in Hand and Machine rolls.
* Hand rolls (30% stretch) used on a hand applicator offer convenience and portability.
* Machine rolls are available in different grades depending on amount of stretch required      and machine characteristics

* Fruit and vegetable packing, eggs, turf, sod, seedlings, tree and plant nurseries, dairy and cheese products, fumigation, ETO sterilisation, blast-freezing, hot fill applications,          canneries, construction materials, bricks, blocks, roof tiles, firewood, kindling, chemicals      – salt, bags of warm products.
* In each of the above applications, lack of air flow can cause condensation, deterioration   and product rejection. Netting  provides air flow to prevent these problems.
* Netting is recyclable and reduces the volume of packaging to be disposed of by up to 45% compared to film.
* Netting is light and soft to handle.

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