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We are one of leading exporter of cedar balls in China


Our main products:
1. Cleaning stone:
 It can be used for cleaning BBQ, grill griddle & grate,Bathroom, WC, kitchen, crepe, toilet,concrete, swimming pool,marble &
ceramic floor tile, metals, etc!  It can eliminates difficult stains and rust with fast and effective cleaning.
2. Foot pumice stone/Pumice sponge/ Volcanic pumice stone: It can remove dead skin or callus of foot/hand.
3. Sweaters Stone: It can remove fuzz, pilling and knots from polyester knits, fabric, sweater,wool, fleece, knits, jersey and more.
4. Pet hair removal stone, Horse/dog Grooming stone,groomer stone:
sweeps away unwanted pet hair from auto interiors, like fabric, upholstery, and carpet!
5.Animal chew toy Nipping Cube pumice stone:
Animal like Chinchilla,Rabbit chew toy for dental use, do chew residuals.
6. Cashmere comb/sweater comb: same use like sweater stone.
6. Cellular glass Insulation:heat/sound insulation material cellular glass for indoor or outdoor!
7. Suede & Nubuck cleaning block, shoes eraser:  it is made of rubber, it can remove marks and dirty.

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