Fabrikant van visnetten,schaduw netto,onkruid barrière,anti vogel/insectennet, hek barrière,enz.

Vriendelijke koppelingen

» Vriendelijke koppelingen

  • gezondheidszorg detox voetpleister,detox voetkussen

    Vriendelijke koppelingen, Gezondheidszorg patch
    wij zijn een toonaangevende exporteur van schoonheidspleisters, gezondheidszorg patch in China.
    Detox voetpleister
    Slanke pleister
    Pleister voor pijnstilling
    Patch voor oogverlenging
    Vitamine pleister
    Glutathion-pleister( pleister voor het bleken van de huid)
    Anti-roken pleister
    Nierpleister / sekspleister
    Pleister voor borstvergroting
    Koorts verkoelende patch
    Handmasker / voetmasker / gezichtsmasker
    V-vormig opheffend gezichtsmasker
    menstruatiepleister / baarmoederpleister
    Warmere pleister, verwarming pleister
    Duidelijkheid patch
    Slaap Melatonine Patch
    CoQ 10 lapje
    • Productomschrijving

    Productnaam: detox foot patch, detox foot pads

    Verpakking & Levering

    1. Put 1 piece of patch into one pp bag;
    2. Put 10 pp bags and 10 adhesive sheets in one transparent bag;
    3. Put one transparent bag into one box;
    4. Put 180 boxes in one carton.
      Or, pack according to your requirement.



    Bamboo/Wood vinegar,tree vinegar,chitosan,tourmaline,Vitamine C,detox herb extract,dextrin,enz.


    Who need use foot patch?

    1. The people who love beauty and slim.
    2. The people who have health problem such as:Astriction, halitosis, body odour, foot odour.
    3. Semi-healthy people.
    4. The people who use computer for long time.


    1. The people who have big working pressure.
    2. The people who stand or work for long time.
    3. The people who is suffering neck, shoulder, waist pain.
    4. The people whose leg or foot pain and swelling.



    1. Detox voetpleister, used 100% natural herbs. When you apply the detox foot patch onto the acupuncture points which on the sole of foot, it will speed up the moves of the intestinal, enhance the metabolism, dispel the toxin and moisture which were stored in your body.
    2. The dotox foot patch absorb toxins and waste oil out from the vola, after using one night, you can see the foot patch changed into brown or black color. You can see the black oily toxins by your eyes!
    3. Improve sleeping quality, relieve fatigue, help solve astriction problem, help solve halitosis, keep fit and slim.
    4. Remove toxin, purify blood, clear body odour and foot odour.
    5. Dispel internal moisture, relive stress on the foot and joint.
    6. Replenish vital essence, activate cells, lighten your skin, and slow the aging process.


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