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  • Grill Brick 203mm x 102mm x 89mm

    Grill Cleaning Stone, Pumice Stone

    This grill brick is made of nonporous pumice stone. This item works miraculously to clean griddles and grills while providing optimal results without scratching the surface. The Grill-Brick will disintegrate with use and won’t lift the cure, nor clog with grease. It is mainly used in food service applications in restaurants, cafeterias, cafes, schools, churches, homes, etc.

    Made for tough cleaning jobs including grease, carbon buildups, water and acid stains, paint, lime, rust and unwanted deposits on hard surfaces. This product is commonly used to remove grease and residue from griddles and grills used in food service applications. The stone-like material is reusable and wears down to a new surface after every use.

    • Product Description

    Grill Brick 203mm x 102mm x 89mm

    • For use on hot or cool grills
    • Won’t scratch surface of grill
    • Made of light pumice stone that is non-porous/non-toxic
    • Size: 3.5″ x 4″ x 8″
    • Fast, efficient, and sanitary way to clean hot or cold grills
    • Plastic wrapping on brick dissolves to eliminate mess
    • Apply with cooking oil to protect the grill cure and remove excess cooked-on foods
    • Made of foam glass, this brick can be used safely on hot grill tops without scratching or lifting the grill cure.
    • It doesn’t absorb grease or odour and is easy to clean and re-use.
    • Individually shrink wrapped, this grill brick is the perfect way to scrub your grills and make them look and perform like new again.
    • It is aggressive and can scratch the grill surface if it is not lubricated with an oil or shortening.
    • Dimensions: 102W x 203L x 89Hmm
    • Packed 12 per case

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