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Fabricant chinois de filet de pêche

» Fabricant chinois de filet de pêche

Comment s'appelle un filet de pêche?

Fabricant chinois de filet de pêche
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What is a filet de pêche called?
Filet de pêche (ou résille) est l'un des plus anciens outils de pêche,mais comment appelle-t-on un filet de pêche? Comment pouvez-vous trouver une usine de filets de pêche professionnelle en Chine?

Les filets de pêche ont été largement utilisés dans le passé, y compris par les sociétés de l'âge de pierre. Le plus ancien filet de pêche connu est le filet d'Antrea, found with other fishing equipment in the Karelian town of Antrea, Finland, dans 1913. The net was made from willow, and dates back to 8300 BC.Now,Fishing Nets are made from synthetic materials which makes them stronger, lighter and cheaper,and mainly including below fishing nets type:

1. Cast net is a relatively small round net (from 1.5 à 4 mètres) with weights at its edge which is thrown from hand and used to catch small fish when a net is hauled back in.

2. Gill net is a vertical net with weights at the bottom and floaters on the upper side. It catches the fish when it tries to pass through the net.

3. Purse seine net is one of the most common nets. It is first used to surround larger amount of fish. Then a line is pulled which closes the bottom of the net and a whole net is hauled into a ship.

4. Tangle net is a variant of gillnet but with smaller mesh size. Fish caught in this net is not trapped by gills but by teeth and fins.

5. Trammel net is another variant of gillnet. It has three layers: one with finer mesh sandwiched between two layers of larger mesh. It is also placed vertically and is used for catching fish or crustacea.

6. Push net is smaller net with a large “belly” placed in a rigid frame. It is pushed along the bottom in shallow waters in order to catch shrimps and small fishes that live at the bottom.

7. Lift net is placed horizontally into the water with its opening facing upwards. It is then lifted by hand if smaller or mechanically if larger.

Aujourd'hui,aquaculture farming breeding in deep sea is very popular and it is a future trends.More and more fishing net factory in China produce relate fishing nets according to this aquaculture market. we are one of the most professional fishing nets manufacturer in China,and it is the leading enterprise participating in the China Agriculture Ministry formulation of the Ethylene Warp-knitted knotless nets Standard, and its output and quality are at the forefront of the same industry in China.

Notre dévouement constant à l'amélioration et au développement de la technologie pour améliorer la qualité des produits a rendu nos produits bien connus et acceptés par les clients du monde entier. 50 pays du monde entier, marché principal Japon, Afrique, Asie du sud est, Mexique, Norvège, etc.. Nos principaux produits inclus: filet sans noeuds en nylon raschel, filet sans noeuds en polyester raschel, filet sans noeuds raschel en polyéthylène, Filet noué en monofilament de nylon, filet noué multifilament en nylon, filet noué multifilament en polyester, filet noué en polyéthylène, filet de coulée, chalut, gill net etc.

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