Wholesale fishing net,shade net,weed barrier,anti bird,insect net, fence barrier,razor blade, pumice stone,etc.
  • Foam Cellular Glass Grill Brick Pumice Stone Cleaning grill Brush For Flat Top Griddles Grates Barbecue BBQ Grill Cleaner Block

    Abrasive Stone, Pumice Stone
    We are one of biggest supplier of glass pumice stone,foot pumice stone and related products in China. Now we often export our pumice stone to Brazil, USA, Spain, etc. Hope we also can make business with your company!
    The main items including:
    1. cleaning stone,grill stone: cleaning rust, heavy duty oil, dirty, grill,
    crepe, kitchen, swimming pool, toilet,etc.
    2. Pumice stick, toilet bowl ring remover
    3. foot pumice stone/pumice sponge: hard skin remover for foot or hand, callus remover
    4. Sweater stone,fabric remover,pilling remover
    5. pet hair removal pumice stone, horse grooming stone
    6. chew toy pumice stone for animal dental
    7. stainless steel scrubber
    8. cashmere comb,sweater comb
    9. Cedar balls instead of moth balls.

    Características de la piedra de limpieza

    • Composición vidrio celular.
    • Fuerte poder desincrustante.
    • Muy alta resistencia a productos químicos.
    • Alta resistencia a temperaturas elevadas (más de 580º c.)
    • Hipoalergénica.
    • Inodora.
    • No irrita ni produce ningún tipo de toxicidad.
    • Resistente a hongos y bacterias (no se pudre)
    • Hipoalergénica.
    • Product Description

    Foam Cellular Glass Grill Brick Pumice Stone Cleaning grill Brush For Flat Top Griddles Grates Barbecue BBQ Grill Cleaner Block,Piedra de espuma de vidrio limpieza de ollas

    • EASY & EFFECTIVE PUMICE STONE CLEANING SET FOR DIFFERENT SITUATION – Package including 3pcs grill cleaning bricks and 2pcs toilet pumice stone with handle, which will offer the choice for different uses.
    • MULTIFUNCTIONAL GRILLSTONE GRILL CLEANING BLOCK – Magic grill stones can remove the greases, residues and stains from BBQ griddles easily, and it’s convenient to use, also you can use it as a grindstone to sharpe your knife.
    • MANY USES OF PUMICE STONE TOILET BOWL CLEANER – Pumice toilet scrubber can easily and quickly clean toilet bowl rings, ceramic fixtures, hard water stains, swimming pool tiles, steel, stagnant water of hard water deposition. What’s more, you can use it as a pet hair remover to remove pet’s hair or as a foot pumice stone to remove calluses.
    • ECO-FRIENDLY & SAFE MATERIAL – Made of 100% natural pumice material, nontoxic and odorless, which is safe for people, animals, plants and water.
    • WARM TIPS – There might have some pumice powder due to pumice stone features, please wet the pumice with water first. Besides, they may scratch some softer surfaces, please test on small and inconspicuous area before using.

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