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» China fabricante de red de pesca

¿Qué tipo de red de pesca anudada es mejor? Red anudada retorcida o trenzada?

China fabricante de red de pesca
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Which kind of knotted Fishing Netting is Better – Twisted or Braided Knotted Netting?

Las redes con nudos retorcidos y las redes con nudos trenzados tienen cada una sus propias ventajas y desventajas.:

Twisted Knotted Netting

Most common knotted construction

Stronger tensile (rotura) strength than braided knotted construction

Less expensive per pound or kilo than braided

Not as abrasion-resistant as braided construction and will wear out or chaff quickly if pulled through sand or rocks

Tends to absorb more sand, suciedad, and debris than braided knotted

Easier to repair than braided construction

Braided Knotted Netting

Very abrasion-resistant and will not wear out as quickly as twisted knotted netting when pulled through sand or rubbing against rocks

The construction of braided twine can be altered to achieve higher tensile (break) strength, abrasion-resistance, or to change the weight

Is normally more expensive per pound or kilo than twisted construction

More difficult to repair than twisted construction

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