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  • Sweater Stone remove Fuzz and Pilling

    Piedra del suéter

    Sweater Stone is a garment grooming aid that you might not need everyday. Sin embargo, when you do need it, nothing works as well as a Sweater Stone for removing pilling and balling "

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    Sweater Stone remove Fuzz and Pilling

    Sweater stone for gently removing pilling from knitted fabrics, from cardigans to blankets. Crafted in the USA from recycled glass.

    Recycled glass.
    Hecho en China
    To use, hold the fabric taut on a flat surface and gently run the edge of the stone across. The sweater stone can shed some dust or chip but can be still be used. Please keep out of reach of children. Please use caution when disposing of residue. Residue may cause eye irritation. Flush eyes with water and seek medical advice. Do not rub or apply pressure when flushing.

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