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    Anti Insect Net

    Anti insect net, also known as plant and vegetables greenhouse net. Used for prevent the insect fly into the greenhouse during the plant growing, and cover the plants. Key off the approaches that the pests (adult insect) breeding. Effective control of the spread of all kinds of harmful pests spread, such as Cabbage caterpillar, diamondback moth, aphids, flea beetles, Sweet agnata, American leafminer, litura etc and prevent the harmful of virus spread. Significantly reduced the use of chemical pesticides, so that the planting vegetables good-quality and health.

    • Product Description

    Anti Insect Net

    Insect Netting has been designed and tested to offer the highest quality insect netting available for Cabbage Root Fly, Carrot Root Fly, Flea Beetle, Green Fly, White Fly, Aphids & Thrips. It is constucted from virgin olythylene and has a UV life expectancy of over 3 years.

    Blocks penetration of insects and protects against pets, such as tobacco Whitefly (Bemisia-tabaci). Leaf miner, Aphids and Thrips.

    To be used in cultivation of flowers and vegestables in shade house and nurseries.

    The anti insect net is made of monofilaments that are manufactured with special UV-resistant materials, giving the net durability and longervity. It has strong tucked selvedges and is flexible, light and easy to spread.


    • Round high-strength monofilament construction provides extra tensile strength.
    • High stabilized to be resistant to Ultraviolet Rays.
    • Original weaving techniques – to prevent unravelling when cut.
    • Reinforced side edges – to eliminate yarn displacement.
    • Super accurate weaving – to conform 100% mesh density and shade percentage.
    • Lightweight – for easy handling, positioning, installation and storage.


    1. Transparent
    2. Blue

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