Wholesale fishing net,shade net,weed barrier,anti bird,insect net, fence barrier,razor blade, pumice stone,etc.


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Anqing Kason Nets Co., Ltd


We are one of professional supplier of agriculture net, weed barrier, trellis net, shade net in 
Anhui province of China. We have been exported to more than 50 countries in the world. 
We are writing to you, and hope we can make business with you.
Our products including:
Shade net
weed barrier, anti weed mat
Anti bird net
Anti hail Net
Olive net
Anti insect net,Anti bee net
Anti mole net, animal net
Plant support net,trellis net
Bale/pallet wrap net, 
Scaffolding debris netting
Snow/Traffic/warning fence net
PP/PET spunbond/no woven fabric
Silage film, hay film,stretch film, black mulch, silver and black film
date palm bag,mesh bag
silo bag, sand bag, gravel bag
Warning net
Fruit foam net
Mono-filament fishing net
Multi-filament fishing net

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