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Pumice Stone

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  • Pumice Stones for barbecue cleaning

    Pumice Stone
    • Specifications

    1,Pumice Stone: Upgraded version magic stone cleaning brick is made of safe pumice stone materials, effectively without harsh chemicals or abrasives. Each stone comes individually wrapped and the weight of new version grill cleaning brick is about 70-85g each one.
    2,Easy to Use: The product is easy to use and keep your grill scratch free, unlike cleaning your grill with a wire brush, this brick made of pumice stone will not scratch the surface of your grill. Only light pressure is needed to easily remove grease, residue and caked-on carbon without damaging anti-stick surface when cleaning your grill.
    3,Absorb Grease Odor: Reusable stone-like abrasive slowly wears down. It does not absorb grease or odor and exposes a fresh sanitary surface for each use, so you can use each block many times.
    4,Best Clean Tool: Whether you are a professional cook, restaurant, manager or just someone who loves their BBQ this is the best way to clean your backyard grill, outdoor stove cooker, cast iron tops, grill pans, griddles and grills grates.
    5,Keep Grill Clean: A healthy grill-pumice blocks keep your grill free from harmful bacteria attracted by food particles. all natural cleaner safe around kids and pets.



    1. Grill Cleaning block is perfect for removing burnt-on food or messy grease.
    2. Cleaning Stone is an all natural cleaner non-toxic and safe around kids and pets.
    3. Pumice blocks keep your grill free from harmful bacteria attracted by food particles.
    4. This remarkable grill cleaner cleans grills 4X faster than traditional wire brushes and conforms to all grill surfaces.
    5. Provide a thorough cleaning on your griller, BBQ, oven griddles, flat top griddles, kitchen utensils.

    Color: gray
    Material: pumice stone
    Dimention: approx: 3.9 x 1.5 x 2.8 inch

    Packing List:
    1 x Grill Cleaning Block


    The material of the item is natural pumice stone, non-reusable,Break down fast and leave dust are the normal condition in using.


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