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What kind of fishing netting with good breaking strength?

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What kind of fishing netting with good breaking strength?

There are two types of materials that netting is typically made of: Nylon and High Density Polyethylene, or more commonly referred to as HDPE.

Nylon netting is ideal for heavy use, indoor cages as it has the strongest breaking strength and is by far the most durable type of netting. Used in most fishing net,MLB and NCAA indoor facilities, Nylon nets provide excellent abrasion resistance and the best overall durability. Consequently, Nylon netting is typically very expensive.

High-Density Polyethylene or HDPE netting can be used in both indoor and outdoor batting cages. Because it does not soak up moisture, HDPE netting will not shrink or rot, and typically retains its breaking strength for a longer duration of time. For added outdoor protection, our HDPE nets incorporate a UV Inhibitor directly into the individual twine-fibers. These UV Inhibitors help the netting resist break down due to exposure to direct sunlight.

While HDPE fishing nets do not have the break strength of Nylon netting, they do offer a more price efficient option for your indoor or outdoor netting needs.

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