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  • Black/White Black plastic Silo Cover / Bunker Silage cover for corn, wheat, grain, fodder

    Plastic Film
    • Specifications

    Black/White Black plastic Silo Cover / Bunker Silage cover for corn, wheat, grain, fodder

    Heavy Duty White/Black Panda Cover Film

    Panda PE film, a heavy-duty,waterproof, lightproof, airproof and reflective poly film that is black on one side and white on the other side.

    Material:100% virgin polyethylene material with UV stabilizer protection
    3 layers co-extruded to achieve High tensile strength and elongation

    – 100% opaque, i.e. Lightproof / light-blocking
    – light / sunshine reflective
    – Watertight/ moisture-proof
    – Outstanding resistance of puncture, scuff, scrape and tear.

    It is widely used in hydroponic growing system, grow room, light deprivation greenhouse, farmhouse, shed, agricultural mulching film, silage cover for grain storage and so on.

    1. It could work as most cost-effective reflective and protective film for grow room wall/ceiling or floor, cover/shade sheet of greenhouse/grow room/basement or as lightproof barrier for partitioning rooms
    –  The white side to reflect 80% of the unused light back to your plants
    –  The Black PE side to eliminate exterior light from penetrating through, which could help maintain your grow room / greenhouse at proper temperatures for your plants to thrive
    –  It could also help prevent algae and mold growth on walls

    2. It could be used as mulching film
    –  On summer, white color outside, reflect sunshine onto the plant and prevent inspects, while black inside to block light, prevent weed growth and keep moisture & cool temperature for seedlings and plant.
    –  On Winter, black side upward to absorb the sunshine to heat melt the frost and snow above, so as to protect and keep the seedling or plants warm temperature.
    –  With the black and white film covering above, the soil remains loose and well-aerated

    3. It could be used as silage / Silo Cover Sheet

    We can produce Silage (Silo) Cover Sheet/Film,  Plastic Tube/Sleeve (open at both ends)  and Storage Bag (one end sealed, the other open.) to store or cover grain, cereal, wheat, corn, forage, grass, fodder, bunker and so on.

    It is a very high-valued weather-resistant solution for grain protection and storage.
    – The waterproof(moisture-proof), opaque, lightproof and Airtight characteristics make it a very safe ways for grains and forage storage.

    – Comparing with building a permanent steel bins or silo pit, this is much more economical 

    – It is very convenient, flexible and easy to use

    Available Sizes:
    1. Thickness: 1.18MIL-12MIL (30 microns – 300 microns)
    2. Width: Customized from 0.1 to 20m
    3. length: Customized, normally 50m plus
    4. Other colors can also be made at customer’s request

    OEM and customization are ok!

    Available colors: 

    Black, White, Black/White (the most popular color), Black/Silver, Black/Green, Green/Yellow, Green/White, Blue/White

    1 roll / woven bag
    Or Fold into small sheet and then pack with carton or woven bag




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