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  • new year UV stabilized conditions Bale NetWrap

    Pallet Net Wrap

    UV stabilized conditions Bale NetWrap, bale wrap net, pallet wrap net, hay wrap net
    Bale NetWrap:UV stabilized for Australian conditions Bale NetWrap

    • Specifications

    Product name:Sericulture silkworm net

    The high-quality plastic cocoon net used for cocoon making of silkworm has no peculiar smell because of its high quality. Compared with the square cluster and straw used by farmers before, it is more convenient and easier to clean. At present, many farmers are still using checkers. The checkers are made of cardboard materials. They cannot touch water, or they will be damaged.Nanchong Sericulture HDPE silkworm net is your best choice.

    1.This kind of mesh is easy to clean, especially some dead silkworms will produce bacteria. The plastic mesh is not only convenient to clean but also can be disinfected. For the silkworm farmers, it should be used at least twice a year. If it is not cleaned and disinfected, it will have a great impact on the silkworm babies.

    2.Secondly, the use of checkerboard clusters will cause a lot of double pupal cocoons, which will reduce the yield of high-quality cocoons, but the plastic net will not.

    3.The silkworm farmers all know that it takes a lot of days for the silkworm to pick up the cocoon after making the cocoon, and the excrement of the silkworm will produce a heavy taste at this time, but it can’t be cleaned up. But the grid can clean up the excrement when the silkworm is making cocoons. Generally, the grid can be taken out three to four days after the silkworm is on the mountain. At this time, all the cocoons that can be made are already on the grid.


    4.Every time when it comes to cocooning, some bad silkworms begin to die, and the dead silkworms will soon rot. it is not convenient to take out the dead silkworms with square clusters and straw; 1. The area of the grid cluster is large, which is inconvenient to move and soft. 2. The straw is dense, so it is impossible to clamp the middle one. But the grid is OK. The grid produced by our factory is made of new polyethylene material, that is, the material is hard and elastic. It is not only convenient to move, but also convenient for silkworm farmers to pick cocoons and remove dirt.

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