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Каков популярный классический процесс производства рыболовных сетей??

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What is a popular classic рыболовная сеть production process?
Имеете ли вы опыт работы в сфере рыболовных сетей?? Как можно изготовить рыболовную сеть из сырья? Наша фабрика по производству рыболовных сетей Yangfan ISO9001:2015 сертифицированная фабрика станет вашим лучшим партнером по рыболовным сетям в Китае. Мы хотели бы просто представить наш производственный процесс для вашей справки..


We use only finest raw material, high density polyamide (нейлон), to manufacture our net with very high strength and very good transparency. The raw material will be tested to meet our premium quality standard, before putting into the next process.


Nylon chip will be extruded to become either nylon monofilament or nylon multifilament. Statistical Quality Control (SQC) is used to analyze and control the process to ensure that the quality of the filament meets our premium quality standard. So our filament is soft, clear, and very high resistance.


Extruded nylon or polyethylene filament, will be then twisted in this process, by using German technology. The well-designed twist will ensure the good quality of the twine for both strength or softness.


The finest twine will be feed into the weaving machine, which required highly-experienced staff as well as advanced and well-maintain weaving machine to ensure that the nets weaved will meet our premium quality standard, такие как, precision mesh sizetight knot, precise mesh size, and etc.


In our dyeing process, we use only color pigment and chemicals imported from well-known supplier with ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certified. Together with skillful staff and well designed computerized system, we can meet customers’ different color requirement. Our nets, thus, have good colorfastness, brightness and transparency to satisfy all our customers.


In this process, the nets will be set by stream and heat. There are 2 kinds of stretching, which are

1) Depthway Stretching (YOKO) : The nets will be stretched by the depth way, using stream and heat. And with advanced technology, our YOKO net is soft and shiny.

2) Lengthway Stretching (TATE) : The nets will be heat-set by stretching according to the length of the net.

At YF Factory, all the processes are computerized to ensure the precise mesh size and softness of our nets.


quality is our primary concern. In all of YF processes, we put computerized quality control system together with YF high skill workers to ensure best quality of our finishing product. All of our products will be checked for the physical aspects such as diameter, Размер ячейки, цвет, длина, и т.д. We also do laboratory test such as Net tensile strengthknot strength and UV resistance test. Следовательно, we can ensure all of our customers that we will deliver only high quality products.


The finished goods will be packed in one plastic bag and two pp bag total three layer packing is perfectly as per our premium quality standard in order to make sure that the goods will be in a good condition when delivered to our customers. We design each packaging to match with individual type and shape of our products to satisfy.

You are warmly welcome to visit our fishing net factory to know mroe about fishing net details and any questions we are pleasure to help you solve it out.

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