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How to produce monofilament fishing net?

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How to produce рыболовная сеть из мононити?

Do you know how to produce рыболовная сеть?

Knotting method
In the traditional method, the diameter of the net is 4 times the diameter of the net. This kind of net is called netting (Fig. 1, а). The nodule collides with the fish and the ship’s side when taking off the net, which not only injures the fish but also abrades the net. Because the chemical fiber is smooth and elastic, it is easy to cause problems such as loose nodule and uneven mesh.

Twisting method
The two groups of yarns are twisted by the machine at the same time. At the joint point, the two groups of yarns are interlaced and interwoven into a net. This kind of net is called twisting non knot net (Fig. 1, б). Because the yarn at the net nodule is not bent and the net is flat, the friction is reduced, but the efficiency of the twisting machine is low,It is complex and has limited transverse mesh number, so it is only suitable for weaving larger mesh.

Warp knitting
Usually, a Raschel warp knitting machine equipped with 4-8 bars is used to connect the warp yarns into loops to form a net, which is called warp knitting non knot net (Fig. 2). Due to the high speed of the warp knitting machine (600 rpm), the width of the knitting net gate is wide, and the number of horizontal mesh can reach more than 800 меш. It is convenient to change specifications and the production efficiency is several times higher than the former two methods. Warp knitted net is flat, износостойкий, light in weight, stable in structure, high in nodule strength, and not deformed and loose after being damaged. It can be widely used in fishing at sea, freshwater fishing and aquaculture and other special purposes.

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