Производитель рыболовной сети,штора сетка,сорняков барьер,сетка от птиц/насекомых, забор барьер,и т.д.

Анти Bird Net

» Анти Bird Net

Садовая сетка Heavy Duty Bird, Олень, Защита растений 7.5 Икс 65 Сетка для животных из сверхпрочной тканой сетки футов, Многоразовый комплект с застежками-молниями, Ограждение для фруктовых деревьев, черный

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Анти Bird Net

Зеленая сетка от птиц, Сетка для растений, садовая сетка для птиц, сетка для растений, фруктовых деревьев, защита, сетка для ловли вредителей, воробей

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  • RELIABLE PLANT PROTECTION – Brilliantly designed to keep your plants safe against birds, deer, squirrels, rabbits and other critters. The net is knitted using resistant material and holds its strength against long hours in the Sun. The net is lightweight but strong being made from a specially designed woven mesh. Our quality Garden Netting can also be used as Bird Netting and Deer Netting.
  • 5/8 INCH HEAVY DUTY WOVEN MESH – The extra strength comes from a tightly woven mesh net. This adds tensile strength which gives it a unique stretch for durability. It can be used as deer fencing and is strong against weather stress. The 7.5’ x 65’ size is suitable for the majority of needs and may be effortlessly cut down to size.
  • KEEP OUT BIRDS, DEER, SQUIRRELS, RABBITS & OTHER CRITTERS – The fine mesh works great as plant netting by creating a robust mesh fence against unwanted visitors. Handling the netting is easy. Simply unroll the required amount of netting and cut. Perfect for gardeners who appreciate outstanding results with added convenience. The netting may be layered onto itself to create an extra thick barrier as a plant protector or garden fence net.
  • QUICK SETUP & TIME SAVER – All durable zip tie accessories are included in the gift box. The flexible net is easy-to-use and can be quickly applied to fit your required fence perimeter. Just follow the simple instructions or for multi-purpose use. Our net is highly versatile for outdoor activities including as a deer fence, flower bed net, fruit tree netting and much more.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE – The original AlpineReach woven mesh netting recommended by gardeners worldwide. Beware of cheaper imitations. AlpineReach products go through a rigorous design and testing process so our customers receive top products with top customer service.

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