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1) UV stabilized fence with rectangular mesh openings designed.
2) Strong HDPE plastic resists wind damage and remains flexible in freezing temperatures.
3) Slow wind and create drifts for snow storage or where they will not interfere with roadways, driveways, or runways.
4) Flexible and easy to handle

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This safety fence is highly visible and ideal for construction sites, crowd control, road work, skiing areas, and most any other area that needs to fence off certain areas. The polypropylene is strong, highly visible, UV resistant, flexible and light weight. Available in Orange.

Sizes: 4′ x 50′ or 4′ x 100′

You can rely on orange barrier-fencing for a variety of outdoor applications because this strong, polypropylene fence is flexible in both form and function. It’s ideal for use at construction sites and to section-off areas for roadwork or landscaping. Use it for crowd control at sporting events, carnivals, concerts or anytime you need a temporary, economical barrier. The mesh structure of our orange barrier/snow fence makes it lightweight and easy to install and remove. As your needs change, your fence can be reused and repurposed to suit various sites and situations.

As its name implies, an orange barrier/snow fence is ideal for snowy conditions. It can help you control and manage the drifts that form from blowing snow. The distinctive, porous fabrication of the mesh makes this fence a highly effective and durable windbreak. Orange snow-fencing can be used in ski areas, in parks, along roads and paths, in parking lots or anywhere that drifting snow can become a hazard or nuisance. Skiers and motorists will be able to spot the bright florescent color of the orange mesh even from a distance, and will instantly know to be on alert. Use this affordable fencing material whenever you need a highly visible safety barrier. Our orange fencing comes in a choice of lengths, and because it’s UV resistant and remains flexible even in freezing temperatures, you can depend on its durability.

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