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    Grill Cleaning Stone

    Grill brick is a lightweight brick with a natural anti slip grip will make cleaning feel like a walk in the park without having a handle or spikes getting in the way, you can also use it on your oven, kitchen utensils, and enameled surfaces

    The stone size of cleaning blocks has a durable de-scaling structure to assist the cleaning process without hurting your hands or wrists. It is incredibly convenient to use while cleaning due to the handheld non-slip grip brick

    • Product Description

    Piedra súper pómez

    • Effective Grill Cleaning Stone – Grill cleaning stone for fast and efficient cleaning of Flat top griddles, Grills, Stove, Grate, Oven trays, and other kitchen or cooking utensils made of iron or steel
    • Easy Cleaning Brick – This is a magic cleaning stone, only light pressure is needed to easily remove grease, stains, residue and caked-on carbon.
    • Safer Than Traditional Brush – Grill cleaning stones are safer alternative to traditional grill brushes. No bristles or spikes to break off and get into the food, cleans the grill much easier than brushes, leaves your grill fresh and clean for your next cookout
    • Good Material – This grill stone is made of ecological material, do not absorb the grease, each grill stone is Individually wrapped
    • Must-have Cleaning Stone – Maryton grill cleaning stones are must have cleaing tools kit for different occasions, whether it’s indoor or outdoor bbq cleaning, make cleaning a breeze!

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