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Pet Hair Remover Stone

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  • Pet Hair Stone Pet Hair Remover Glass Pumice

    Pet Hair Remover Stone
    Our main products:
    1. Cleaning stone:
     It can be used for cleaning BBQ, grill griddle & grate,Bathroom, WC, kitchen, crepe, toilet,concrete, swimming pool,marble &
    ceramic floor tile, metals, etc!  It can eliminates difficult stains and rust with fast and effective cleaning.
    2. Foot pumice stone/Pumice sponge/ Volcanic pumice stone: It can remove dead skin or callus of foot/hand.
    3. Sweaters Stone: It can remove fuzz, pilling and knots from polyester knits, fabric, sweater,wool, fleece, knits, jersey and more.
    4. Pet hair removal stone, Horse/dog Grooming stone,groomer stone:
    sweeps away unwanted pet hair from auto interiors, like fabric, upholstery, and carpet!
    5.Animal chew toy Nipping Cube pumice stone:
    Animal like Chinchilla,Rabbit chew toy for dental use, do chew residuals.
    6. Cashmere comb/sweater comb: same use like sweater stone.
    6. Cellular glass Insulation:heat/sound insulation material cellular glass for indoor or outdoor!
    7. Suede & Nubuck cleaning block, shoes eraser:  it is made of rubber, it can remove marks and dirty.
    • Product Description

    Pet Hair Removal Stone,Pet Hair Stone Pet Hair Remover Glass Pumice

    We are one leading exporter of groomer stone, pet hair removal stone, grooming block, groomer

    stone in China. Do you have any requirement about this products?

    Our Pet Hair Removal Stone will make removing pet hair from your upholstery and carpets a breeze!

    This natural stone attracts hair to it’s pours, which pulls the embedded hair our of the fabric

    making it much easier to remove from the surface.

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