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how to choose correct fishing net?


How to order fishing net?   Our website www.kasonsource.com or www.anhuinets.com
Content One Example for your reference Customer’s specification( please write down in yellow place)
Customer name & Mobile Toby Wang |0086-15855677940
Country China
Material  HDPE /NYLON material,etc
Kind of Yarn mono filament / multifilament/multi-mono filament….
Kind of Twine( count) 210D/2PLY …or Mono filament type like 0.30mm,etc
Mesh size(net eye size) half mesh size:10mmsq or full mesh size:2CMSTR (to see the attached photo)
The Depth of fishing net 100MD
The Length of fishing net 100m etc
Type of Knot Double knot(dk)     single Knot(SK)
Heat Seating Way(Stretching) length stretching way or depth stretching way                     (DW-YOKO  LW-TATE)
The Color of Net blue, white,green, etc
quantity 1 tons, 2 tons, 3 tons, 20FT, 40HQ
Salvage (Guarding Mesh) single /double Double Selvage top – bottom
Remark: 1inch=0.0254m,  1 foot=0.3048m  1LBS=0.4535924kg   1ton=1000kg

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