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how to choose correct chinese anti bird net, anti bird netting manufacturer?


Anti-bird net widely applied for various cereal and oil crops, vegetables, melons and fruits, flowers, tea, domestic fungus, medicinal materials, etc.

Product Character: Simple in structure, durable, high quality and inexpensive, with multiple protective functions for avoiding the damage of birds and insects. It can greatly improve the output and quality of the plants.
Executive Standards: QB2000-94
Tensile Breaking Force: Latitudinal≥ 280N Radial≥ 180N
Weather ability: Retention rate of tensile breaking force after the exposure test under xenon light >50%
Model Specifications: Width with 1.5~18m, Length alterable, Mesh with 6~150mm

Anti Bird Netting has four types at least: knotted netting, woven netting and monofilament netting,extruded netting, etc. All bird netting with U.V. stabilizer treatment making the Bird Net more resistant to the sunshine. Woven netting, more lighter and economic. Monofilament netting, mainly used in Japan markets.

PROTECT YOUR PLANTS: Prevent birds from eating your plant and fruit crops. Our bird netting provides maximum protection without harming birds and small animals or interfering with plant growth. Prevent damage and protect fruit trees, berries, bushes, shrubs, plants, flowers and vegetables EASY TO INSTALL:Easy to use roll of anti bird deer protection netting, simply attach to stakes or posts, or cut it into any size you need with scissors, and put it up around your vegetable garden or fruit trees


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