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  • La agricultura con UV PP Spunbond no tejido Negro mantillo de Cine

    • Presupuesto

    La agricultura con UV PP Spunbond no tejido Negro mantillo de Cine

    Non woven fabric widely used in many fields such as agriculture, industrial packing, medical, hometextile, hygiene,photography, electric cable and so on.

    Descripción del producto
    Line of Production Intake materials—high temperature molten—spunlaid—high temperature hot rolled —Cutting & convoluting
    Composition 100% polypropylene
    Especificación Technique: spunbonded

    Weight range: 9gsm-260gsm

    Anchura:3cm–320cm (can be split)

    Embossing: punto

    Color: any color are available as customer request

    Característica 1. Environmentally-friendly,
    2. Good Tensile Strength,
    3. Excellent Soft,
    4. Light weight,
    5. No tóxico,
    6. Water-resistant/water-soluble
    7. Air permeable.
    Solicitud (10-40GSM) for medical/hygiene such as cap, mask, gown, face masks, foot cover

    (15-70GSM) agricultural covers, wall cover,control de marihuana

    (50-100GSM)shopping bags, suits pockets, gift bags, sofa upholstery(50-120GSM) sofa upholstery, home furnishing, handbag lining, shoe leather lining

    Embalaje Rolled with paper tube inside and Transparent PE bag outside

    20′ container can load 5-6tons;

    40′ container can load 10-12tons.

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