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Anti Mole Netting

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Anti Mole Netting

Product Description

1.Mesh size: 10x10mm,12x12mm,16x16mm,15x15mm,18x18mm,20x20mm
2.Weight: 25g/m2 ,35g/m2, 45g/m2 etc.
3.Width: 1m,1.2m,1.5m,2m
4.Length:50m,100m,200m etc.
5.Color: Black,Green,Dark green,White etc


Mole hills in the garden can be an irritating sight. We offer you an environmentally-friendly, animal-friendly means of preventing mole hills in your garden.

The anti-mole hill net offers reliable and long-lasting protecting against holes in your lawn. With the ground level protective net you can avoid unsightly holes in your garden.

The net is placed in the ground at a depth of 10cm before the new lawn is sown. With instant roll-out lawns the net is placed directly beneath the new lawn turf.

anti mole netting can be used to protect gardens and turfed areas. It not only prevents moles from digging through but also it improves root system of your lawn!

By using the protective net you can achieve a perfect lawn free from mole hills.

Mole tunnels are generally located 40 to 80cm between the surface of the ground. In the winter months they can go as deep as 100cm If a mole finds that its tunnel system is prevented by the presence of a net, it will leave the protected garden area permanently and your garden will remain free from damage.

Protective anti-mole net for gardens

Can also be used to protect sports fields, ponds and riding schools

Also for cultivating and securing slopes


  • Specifications

Anti Mole Net

Anti-mole net is being used as a protection against unwanted activities of moles on cultivated grass plots ,football playgorund ,golf areas as well as gardens around newly build house.

Quick Facts

  • Material: BOPP
  • Mesh size: 12x12mm, 16x16mm 15x15mm
  • Weight: 25g/m2 ,35g/m2, 45g/m2 etc.
  • Width: 1m,1.2m,1.5m,2m
  • Length:50m,100m,200m etc.
  • Colour: Black,Green,Dark green,White etc

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