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    Pallet Net Wrap

    Elastic stretch pallet net wrap for 16 years. Our Elastic-stretch Pallet net wrap is a tough and rugged knitted polyethylene netting. Elastic-stretch pallet net wrap has the following advantages when compared to Elastic stretch pallet net wrap.

    Highly adaptable HDPE Bale Net Wrap

    Bale NetWrap is an economical net designed to provide high quality results at a lower cost. Suitable for all crops (hay, straw, silage) under all weather conditions and enhances water shedding ability.

    • Specifications

    Product name: Bale wrap net, pallet wrap net,Highly adaptable HDPE Bale Net Wrap,Transportation used packing Stretch Pallet net Wrap


    Stretch Pallet net Wrap
    Transportation used packing Stretch Pallet net Wrap has been designed for fixation of goods on pallet. Netting is used for palletizing of such kinds of products which could be devaluated by moisture in case of using standard stretch film (eggs, potatoes, etc.).

    Pallet net Wrap Applications:
    Fruit and vegetable packing, eggs, turf, sod, seedlings, tree and plant nurseries, dairy and cheese products, fumigation, ETO sterilisation , blast-freezing, hot fill applications, canneries, construction materials, bricks, blocks, roof tiles, firewood, kindling, chemicals – salt, bags of warm products.
    In each of the above applications, lack of air flow can cause condensation, deterioration and product rejection. Netting provides air flow to prevent these problems.
    Netting is recyclable and reduces the volume of packaging to be disposed of by up to 45% compared to film.
    Netting is light and soft to handle.

    【Bale NetWrap】UV stabilized for Australian conditions Bale NetWrap
    Bale Netwrap is a new type of packing netwrap that resists ultraviolet and uses solar degradation. Being used in large farms and ranches, Netwrap is mainly used in packing straw, corn stalks, and edible beans.Before packaging and shipping, the product will be reexamined and be tension tested by our quality control personnel.

    UV stabilized conditions Bale NetWrap Feature and Benefits
    1. Uniformly shaped bales that are more easily transported
    2. Full edge-to-edge coverage
    3. Treated with higher UV protection and tested to guarantee perfect performance under harsh Australia, New Zealand conditions
    4. Water shedding qualities that assist in saving dry matter
    5. Ease-of-use – UV stabilized for Australian conditions Bale Net Wrap is easier to remove from bales than twine
    6. Usable in all brands of balers: John Deere, New Holland, Vermeer, Claas, Hesston, Kuhn
    7. Guaranteed length with an end-of-roll warning stripe
    8. 100% Virgin Polyethylene
    9. Strong with the minimum tensile 280kg strength
    10. Right/left indicators for identification – blue and green edges to assist while handling and unwrapping the bale.
    11. End of roll warning stripe highlights when there is 150 meters of roll remaining
    12.Available in 1.25m and 1.3m widths

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