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HDPE Sail Material and Shade Sails & Enclosure Nets Type outdoor garden sun shade net

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100% virgin HDPE shade triangle sail
Shade Rate:30%-98%

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  • 100%virgin HDPE sun shade sail ,garden sun shade sail cloth

Shade Sails are made of high density polyethylene shade cloth that is especially manufactured with tensioned fabric structures in mind. The knit is made using monofilament and tape filler. The fabric is treated with a UV stabilizers to give it long life in direct sunlight. Depending on color, the average shade rating is approx. 90% and the UVR block is approx. 95%.

Custom and commercial sails are manufactured with a stainless steel cable double locked stitched into its perimeter. This cable terminates at a stainless steel ring located at each corner. These rings are then used to fasten the sail by either a shackle or turnbuckle to a hard point either on a post or existing structure. Each corner is further reinforced with extra layers of cloth and strapping to distribute forces. All stitching is performed using a locking stitch; outdoor “awning maker” thread is used throughout. The size of the stainless cable and rings as well as attachment hardware are engineered to be the appropriate size for each sail and application.

The perimeter of each sail has a catenary curve designed into it that controls the fabric tension in the center of the sail. Therefore, when tension is placed on the perimeter cable, the fabric will have uniform tension. They do not sag or flap in the wind.

Attachment hardware is all marine grade stainless steel and has locking mechanisms to assure that sails do not detach or come loose accidentally. Generally, one turnbuckle is used per sail, and the remaining corners are attached using “D” or “Twist” shackles of the appropriate size for the expected corner loading.




Fabric material HDPE
Size(cm) 400x500cm
Color White,Yellow,Light Grey,Green,Light Green,Clear,Muti
Accessory 5mm stainless steel D shackle at each corner
Ropes Polyester rope material :(3pcs)
Facture Environmental Material,Energy-saving,Strong anti-aging
UV  retardant Effectively block 90% UV damage.
Usage place Swimming pool,yard,garden,grove.etc
Type Shade Sails & Enclosure Nets
Package 60cm x 60cm x 10cm
Gross Weight 3.5kg
Warranty more than 5 year

100% virgin HDPE shade triangle sail
Shade Rate:30%-98%

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